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Government Of Assam Cooperation Registrar of Cooperative Societies Assam

File a Complaint?

Section 92 and 93 of the Act deals with settlement of disputes in connection with the affairs of a registered cooperative society. If any dispute touching the business of a registered society, other than a dispute regarding disciplinary action taken by a society against an employee of the society, or of the liquidator of a society shall be referred to the Registrar for decision if the parties are among the following:

  • The society, its past or present controlling or managing body any past or present officer, agent or employee or the liquidator of the society, or
  • Member, past member or persons claiming through a member, past member or deceased member of the society, or
  • A surety of a member, a past member or deceased member of a society, or
  • Any other registered society or the liquidator of the society, or
  • A registered society and a financing bank.

The aggrieved person or party may approach the Registrar directly and file his/her complaint in the form of an application on plain paper. The Registrar may decide the dispute himself or authorize any other Government officer to decide the dispute. The Registrar may also refer the matter to arbitration.

In case of decisions made by any Government Officer or liquidator appointed under this Act, an appeal shall lie to the Registrar as well. In such cases, the Registrar may review any order passed by him at any time within sixty days from the communication of such order.