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Government Of Assam Cooperation Registrar of Cooperative Societies Assam


1. Which societies can be registered as Cooperatives?

Any society whose chief objective is the promotion of economic interest and general welfare of its members in accordance with cooperative principles, can be registered.

2. What is the benefit of forming Cooperatives?

Cooperatives function on the basis of the principles of ‘Cooperation’ and ‘Self-help’. So cooperatives are no different from the SHGs which function on the same principles. However, cooperatives are more organized, have a clear cut structure and role enumerated in the constitution of India and function as per the provisions of Bye-laws framed as per the provisions of the Assam Cooperative Societies, Act,2007 and functions as per the 8 cooperative principles.

3. Can societies be formed/ registered by division/amalgamation of Cooperative/cooperatives?

Yes, cooperative societies can be formed/registered by division / amalgamation of existing Cooperative/cooperatives.

4. Does registering of a cooperative society involve any cost?

Yes, an amount of rupees equivalent to 1% of the authorized share capital of the proposed cooperative shall have to be paid in the Treasury against proper Head of Account as the registration fee for registration of a cooperative society.

5. Can a person below the age of 18 years be enrolled as a member of a cooperative society?

No, membership of a cooperative society is open to persons of the age of 18 and above.

6. What kind of financial or other assistance will be provided to a newly registered cooperative society by the Government?

There is no such provision in the Budget of the department for 2016-17 for providing financial assistance to the newly registered cooperative societies. However, the department will go on sponsoring and recommending the cases of the cooperatives to other departments of the Government as and when required. Further, the Government in the Cooperation Deptt. has earmarked an amount of Rs.100.00 lakh in the budget of the department for 2016-17 for providing financial incentives to the best performing cooperative societies.

7. Is the Government contemplating regularization of the services of the secretaries of cooperative societies?

No, the secretaries are appointed by the Board of Directors (BOD) of the respective cooperatives and they will remain as the employee of the society and the services of all the employees of a cooperative shall be governed as per the provisions of their Bye-laws and prescribed Service Conditions.

8. Is there any provision to depute Govt. officers in a Cooperative society?

Yes, there is provisions in the Assam Cooperative Societies Act,2007 to depute Govt. officers in the cooperative societies on the basis of resolutions adopted by the BOD to that effect or otherwise.

9. Is it mandatory to hold Annual General Meeting (AGM) by a cooperative society every year? Can a BOD of a cooperative society be dissolved for not holding the AGM in a particular year even if the BOD has not completed its term of 5 years?

Yes, it is mandatory to hold the AGM by the cooperatives every year within 180 days from the date of the closure of the cooperative year and in case of their failure to do so, the BOD of a cooperative is automatically dissolved on 30th September.

10. Is it mandatory to display the voter list in the office of the Cooperative society before the AGM?

Yes, it is mandatory for the BOD of a cooperative society to prepare and finalize two lists - one with the members eligible to vote and the other- of members without right to vote, within 10th May every year and display the same in the Notice Board of the society before the AGM.

11. Is there any provision for constitution of public adhoc committees in the cooperatives?

No, there is no provision in the Act for constitution of public ad-hoc committees in the cooperatives. However, departmental officers may be appointed in the cooperatives for a period as prescribed by the Act, for holding of the election/ AGM of cooperatives in the event of failure of the cooperatives to do so.

12. We are already doing business. How cooperative will help us earn more profit?

Cooperatives pull-in individual resources to create a collective fund/asset which can contribute tremendously for upgrading any business to the next higher level.

13. What are the 8 cooperative principles?

  • Voluntary and Open Membership.
  • Democratic Member Control.
  • Member Economic Participation.
  • Autonomy and Independence.
  • Education Training and Information.
  • Co-operation amongst Cooperative Societies.
  • Concern for Community.
  • Professional Management.