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Government Of Assam Cooperation Registrar of Cooperative Societies Assam

General Meeting

  • General Meeting:

    The Board may, at any time, call a general meeting of the members of the cooperative society. However, one general meeting in every cooperative year must be convened by the Board.

    Quorum of meetings of General Assembly:

    1. The quorum for a meeting for the General Assembly shall be specified in the bye-laws, but shall not be less than ten percent of the members eligible to vote at the meeting.
    2. If-within one hour from the time fixed for meeting of the General Assembly a quorum is not present, the meeting shall stand adjourned ordinarily to the same day in the next week atthe same time and place. But the Chairman of the meeting may, however, decide to adjourn the meeting to a later date not later than fifteen days
    3. If at any time in a meeting there is no quorum the presiding authority shall adjourn it to such time or date as it’ thinks fit and announce the same at once and the business set down for the meeting shall be brought forward at the subsequent meeting whether at such meeting there is a quorum or not.
    4. No-business other than the business fixed for-the original meeting shall be transacted at such   subsequent meeting.
    5. A notice of such adjournment posted in the notice board of the Head office of the cooperative society on the day on which the meeting is adjourned shall be deemed sufficient notice of the next subsequent meeting.
    6. The quorum for a delegate general body meeting shall not be‘ less than twenty five percent of the delegate eligible to vote at the delegate general body meeting. If at any time in the meeting of delegate general body meeting there is no quorum, the procedure laid down in-sub-section (l) to (5) shall be followed.
    7. At the meeting of the General Assembly, the President shall preside over the meeting. If the President is absent the Vice-President shall preside. If both the President and the Vice-President are absent from the meeting of the General Assembly, the members present shall choose one of them to preside the meeting.