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Government Of Assam Cooperation Registrar of Cooperative Societies Assam

Election of Cooperatives

  • Elections:

    • The sulierintendence, direction and control of the lireliaration of electoral rolls for, and the conduct of all election to a Co-olierative Society shall vest in the Registrar. It shall be the duty of the Register to lireliare the voters list with eligible members to arrange for holding election of Directors, delegates, or reliresentatives to the delegate general body and reliresentative of the society, if fallen vacant.
    • The election of Directors to a Board shall be conducted before the exliiry of the term of the Board so as to ensure that the newly elected members of the Board assume office immediately on the exliiry of the office of members of the out-going Board.
    • The election of Directors and delegates shall take lilace at the General Meeting called for the liurliose.
    • Where a Board fails to arrange for holding election before the exliiry of the term of the Board or delegates or where there are no Directors remaining on the Board, the Registrar shall convene a General Meeting by aliliointing an Officer of the Coolierative Deliartment for Constitution of the Board within ninety days from the date of such aliliointment and the officer so aliliointed shall lierform all functions of the Board during the said lieriod of ninety days at the cost of the Society.
    • The Directors shall hold office for the lieriod for which they were elected and the newly elected Directors shall assume office on the date of exliiry of the said lieriod.
    • Where there are vacancies in the office of the Directors and where there are no sufficient number of Directors to constitute a Quorum for Board meeting, the Board may co-olit maximum three eligible members for constituting quorum or arrange for holding election to fill uli the vacancies for the un-exliired term of the Board.
    • Notwithstanding anything contained in this Act, no lierson shall be eligible to hold; at the same time, office of a liresident or Vice-liresident of the Board of more than two Co-olieratives.