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Government Of Assam Cooperation Registrar of Cooperative Societies Assam

State Level Cooperative Organizations
Sl. No.Name of the Society
1.Eastern Agro Processing & Tea Warehousing  Coop: Society Ltd.
2.Assam Apex Fish Marketing & Processing Federation Ltd.
3.West Assam Milk Producers Coop: Union Ltd.
4.Assam Polyester Coop: Society Ltd.
5.Assam State Coop: Housing Federation Ltd.
6.Assam State Coop: Union Ltd.
7.Assam Diploma Engineers Welfare Coop: Society Ltd.
8.Assam Vegetable Grower’s Coop: Society Ltd.
9.Assam State Educational Development Coop: Society Ltd.
10.Assam Coop: Jute Mills Ltd.
11.Assam State Coop: Federation Ltd.
12.Assam BahumukhiSamabaiSamiti Ltd.
13.Assam Weavers Coop: Society Ltd.
14.Assam Nava NirmanBahumukhiSamabaiSamiti Ltd.
15.KazirangaJatia Orchid AruJaivikBaichitraUdyan S.S. Ltd.
16.Sarat Chandra Singha Cooperative Sugar Mill Ltd.
17.Navika Multipurpose Coop: Society Ltd.
18.Inland Water Ways (Assam Sector) Coop: Society Ltd.
19.Brahmaputra Besa-Kina AruProkriakaran SS Ltd.
20.ShrimantaShankardevSangha  C.C. Ltd.
21.Asomi Thrift & Credit Coop: Society Ltd.
22.Prochesta Thrift & Credit Coop: Society Ltd.
23.Schedule Cast Thrift & Credit Coop: Society Ltd.
24.The Assam Circle BSNL Coop:  Credit Coop: Society Ltd.
25.SBI Thrift & Credit Coop: Society Ltd.
26.ASCARD Bank
27.Kamrup Telecom BSNL Staff Coop: Society Ltd. , Dispur, Ghy-6
28.Setu Thrift & Credit Coop: Society Ltd.
29.Union Coop: Bank
30.Assam Rural Development Union (ARDU) Thrift Credit CS Ltd. 
31.Assam Farmar Producers’ Coop: Society Ltd.
32.Assam Tea Planters’ Coop: Society Ltd.
33.Assam Cadre Management Coop: Society Ltd.
34.Assam Coop: Apex Bank Ltd.

1. The Assam Cooperative Apex Bank Ltd.:

In the State of Assam,there are two tiers of Cooperative Credit Structure.The Assam Cooperative Apex Bank Ltd. is in the upper tier and the GPSS/LAMPS (PACS) are in the bottom of the structure.

The Assam Cooperative Apex Bank Ltd. is rendering services mainly in agricultural credit. Presently, the Bank is implementing the package of Short Term Cooperative Credit Structure (STCCS). On receiving of revival assistance from the Central and the State Govt., the financial position of the bank has been improved and has earned profits. The bank has earned net profits of Rs. 1548.59Lakhs in the year 2016-17. The Apex Bank has 67 Branches excluding the Head Office at Panbazar, Guwahati throughout the State of Assam. All the Branches of the Apex Bank are computerized and it has implemented Core Banking Solution.Like other Nationalized and Commercial Banks, the Apex Bank has also operated RTGS/NEFT. The Capital to Risk Weighted Assets Ratio of the bank has achieved10.65% which can be taken as a good condition of assets to be compared with others State Cooperative Banks in the country. The management of the bank is thinking of ATM to facilitate the customers as well as to compete with other banks in the banking business.

2. Assam State Agriculture and Rural Development Bank Ltd. (ASCARD):

The Assam State Agriculture & Rural Development Bank Ltd. was registered during the year 1955-56. It is a land mortgage Bank. This Bank is not a Bank under the Banking Regulation Act but the Bank is regulated under the Assam Cooperative Land Mortgage Bank Act, 1960 and the Assam Cooperative Land Mortgage Bank Rules, 1961.

While the Cooperative Credit Structure is mainly providing short term agricultural loans, the ASCARD Bank was providing medium and long term agricultural loans. The ASCARD Bank has 28 Nos. of Branches throughout the State. Formerly, the Primary Land Mortgage Bank (PLMB) in the District Level and later on the PLMBs were reformed as Primary Agricultural Cooperative Bank which were finally merged with the ASCARD Bank Ltd.

At present,these Primary Agricultural Cooperative Banksare functioning as Branches of the ASCARD Bank Ltd. Present financial position of the ASCARD Bank is precarious. Performance of the Bank is almost deplorable due to mismanagement. The Govt. has taken steps for revival of Short Term Cooperative Credit Structure (STCCS) as per the recommendation of Vaidayana than Committee Report-I. But, the Govt. has yet to take proper steps for revival of Long Term Cooperative Credit Structure (LTCCS) as recommended by VCR-II. Yet the management of the ASCARD Bank with assistance from the Govt. has prepared a revival scheme by engaging the IIBM, Guwahati with a target amount of Rs. 100.00 Crore. In the light of the revival plan a Development Action Plan has been submitted before the Govt. for necessary approval.

3. West Assam Milk Producers Cooperative Union Ltd. (WAMUL):

Primary Milk Cooperatives are village level cooperatives. There are 471 Nos. of Primary Milk Dairy Cooperative Societies in the State. Most of these cooperatives are the members of the Milk Unions, that is, their Federation namely, WAMUL & EAMUL (defunct). These Cooperatives sale their surplus milk to their Union and their Federation.

Three no.s of Regional level Milk Cooperative Unions had been organized namely,
i.) West Assam Milk Producers Union Ltd. (WAMUL),
ii) East Assam Milk Producers Cooperative Union Ltd. (EAMUL) and
iii) Cachar & Karimganj District Milk Producers Cooperative Society Ltd. (CAMUL). The management of WAMUL has been handed over to NDDB, New Delhi. The WAMUL is supplying toned milk which is popularly known as PURABI MILK, Paneer, Curd, Ghee, Lachi and Cream to its customers.

Status of WAMUL:

  • 18th August, 1976: WAMUL registered as a Society under Co-operative Societies Act.
  • 1989: Set up Liquid Milk Plant of 60 TLPD Capacity and Cattle Feed Plant of 100 MTPD at Guwahati.
  • 2003-04: No of FDCS 48.
  • 2004-05: Highest Average Milk Procurement of 3800 Kg PD.
  • 2004-05: Highest Average Sales of 7500 LPD.
Physical Progress of WAMUL since NDDB's takeover:

Physical Progress of WAMUL since NDDB's takeover:

Physical Progress of WAMUL since NDDB's takeover:

Financial Progress of WAMUL since NDDB's takeover:

4. Assam State Cooperative Housing Federation Ltd. (HOUSEFED):

The Assam State Cooperative Housing Federation Ltd. was registered in the year 1978 under registration no. G 24/1977-78 Dtd. 27/03/1978. The main business of this federation society is to provide housing loans to the primary housing cooperative societies and individuals. HOUSEFED also constructs dwelling houses and flats for sale, purchase land and sale it after development. HOUSEFED is also leasing houses on rent for office accommodation to differentCentral and State Govt. offices at Housefed Complex, Last Gate, Dispur. There are 72 nos. of employees in the federation. It has many housing projects like Natbama Housing Projects, Jorhat Housing Project, Rukminigaon Housing Project, ICTC Project etc.

5. Eastern Agro Processing and Tea Warehousing Cooperative Society Ltd. Guwahati:

The Eastern Agro Processing and Tea Warehousing Cooperative Society Ltd. was registered in the year 1971 bearing its registration No. G-17 of 170-71. The society is running the business of tea warehousing, mustard oil packaging, grinding of spices etc. The brand name of packed mustered oil is NIVAJ which is very popular in the market. This society is functioning without any financial assistance from the Govt. and is performing well and earning continuous profits. The society has earned net profits to the tune of Rs 2,05,46,340.00 during 2016-17.

6. Assam State Cooperative Union (ASCU):

The Assam State Cooperative Union (ASCU) is an apex level cooperative organization for promotion of cooperative education, training, publicity and propaganda activities in the State of Assam. It was registered vide registration No. ASCU-29/2055-56, dated 12/09/1955.

The aims and objectives of ASCU:
  • To promote and development cooperative movement in Assam.
  • To educate, train and guide people and to assist them in their efforts to build and expand the Cooperative sector.
  • To serve as an exponent of cooperative union.
  • To propagate and publicize the cooperative principles and ides in order to create public opinion in favour of the movement by holding seminar, conference etc.
  • To arrange of inter-state study visit of successful cooperatives in other cooperatively develop States of India.

7. Assam Polyester Cooperative Society Ltd. (APOL):

The Assam Polyester Cooperative Society Ltd. is the only surviving cooperative spinning mill in Assam. It was registered on 14th September, 1981 under the Assam Cooperative Societies, Act, 1949. Initially, the Mill was set up as a spinning unit with 19,200 Spindles by purchasing 86 Bigha of land at Tulshibari, Rangia with financial involvement of Rs. 12.00 crore in June, 1988. The main objective of the society is to promote the economic interest of the members by under taking spinning, dyeing, weaving and manufacturing of textile (polyester) materials of all kinds and supply of yarn of all types to the weavers and others. Due to lackof working capital, the mill stopped its production in December, 2003 and after persistent efforts the mill re-started its production from the year 2006 and now, it is running smoothly. More than 600 employees are engaged in production of yarn in different counts and these are supplied to the local markets as well as marketsof Kolkata. The machineries of APOL are required to be replaceddue to overuse which has affected in production. The Govt. of Assam has taken steps to revive the mill through up gradation and replacement of the obsolete machineries under the sponsorship from North Eastern Council (NEC). The NEC has sanctioned a project of Rs. 457.34 lakh in this regard and has already released an amount of Rs. 329.28 lakh and the Govt. of Assam has also released the State share of Rs. 164.64 lakh.

8. The Assam Cooperative Jute Mills Ltd.:

The Assam Cooperative Jute Mills Ltd. at Silghat, Nagaon is one of the most successful cooperative industries in the State. Availingthe Revival Package as per the provision of the Assam Accord, this industry in the cooperative sector is earning profits continuously and has been awarded with ISO certificate. During the year 2013-14, the gross turnover of the Cooperative Mills was Rs. 3811.42 lakh. The net profits earned by the Mill is as under

2011-12Rs. 106.25  lakhs
2012-13Rs. 68.89   lakhs
2013-14Rs. 50.34 lakhs
2014-15Rs. 20.84    lakhs
2015-16Rs. 11.78    Lakhs

The Assam Cooperative Jute Mills Ltd. has been marketing its major product of gunny bags through the Director General of Supply & Disposal against Jute Commissioner's requisition order and the rest products are sold directly to the local customers and outside the State. It is to be mentioned here that this mills society is free from loans liability.