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Government Of Assam Cooperation Registrar of Cooperative Societies Assam

Women Empowerment Through Cooperatives

Flagship Programme:

  • MahilaSamabayBiponi for Women Multipurpose Cooperative Societies involved in PDS business to diversify into non-PDS business as well by making the societies attractive to the consumer appeal through the availability of selected essential non-PDS items at reasonable prices below the market rates. The total cash credit amount to be extended by the Assam State Cooperative Apex Bank Ltd is proposed against 38 Cooperative Societies at the rate of 2.00 lakhs each as 76.00 lakhs. The interest component at 12% is intended to be subsidized and zero interest loans for the cash credit is proposed.
  • SammanitaMahilaSamabaySabalikaranYojana for increasing Women's participation in the Cooperative movement and their socio-economic development by strengthening their business activities in small scale businesses like PDS, Handloom, Pickle making etc. This scheme will cover 66 viable and potential Cooperative Societies where each society is proposed to be extended cash credit accommodation for Rs. 2.00 lakhs by the Assam State Cooperative Apex Bank Ltd entailing fund implication of Rs. 132.00 lakhs on the bank.